PS3 First Impressions

HardwareZone has an article about running Fedore Core Linux on the PS3. They’re not terribly impressed yet, though they reserve some hope that the official Yellow Dog Linux distro might somehow be better. A big problem is graphics resolution– you’re confined to a fairly negligible screen size if you don’t have both the right TV and the right connector cable (a problem that a colleague of mine has also encountered while venturing into this arena). And without any form of hardware acceleration, the overall desktop presentation is apparently unremarkable. Check the photos of OpenOffice running on the TV.

I’m still hopeful that PS3 Linux can be put to some use, just as soon as people get past the novelty of running a web browser and a word processor on an unaccelerated graphic display through their TV.

One thought on “PS3 First Impressions

  1. Mans

    I’ve never been other than negatively impressed by the Redhat line of distributions, so I’d be surprised if it were any different on a PS3.

    As for the unaccelerated framebuffer displaying on a TV, perhaps it’s good enough for a C64 emulator…

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