Orpheo’s UMV Format

I was contacted by someone who is performing an in-depth investigation of the data files for the game Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Tale of Orpheo’s Curse. During the course of said investigation, he happened across my old Multimedia Exploration Journal entry where I briefly inspected a CD-ROM copy that I had procured.

Cover art for Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Tale of Orpheo's Curse

Oddly, my notes concluded that there was nothing interesting on the disc and that the contents would fit on a standard 5.25″ floppy disc. This might be a case where the game was unremarkable, multimedia-wise, for for its original floppy-based release but was upgraded for a subsequent CD-ROM release.

He was able to work out the identities of many of the data files. These include AIFF, MID, and even tracker module formats like 669 (no, Colin, I don’t have that loader finished; to the rest of you… nevermind). He also found what we suspect is a FMV format called UMV and provided 3 samples. I looked at it briefly but nothing jumped out at me, save perhaps for some signed 8-bit PCM audio chunks. This would be unusual since most 8-bit PCM of the time was unsigned.

I know you want to tinker with the samples, so here is the requisite MultimediaWiki page, along with the 3 UMV samples.

No multimedia format is too obscure. That reminds me– I have a multimedia-looking file hanging around on one of my filesystems called CREDITS.NXL. Does that sound familiar? Did anyone reading this send that to me? What game is it from? I suspect I received it from a kind, curious contributor but was too lazy at the time to post details on the wiki.

7 thoughts on “Orpheo’s UMV Format

  1. Multimedia Mike Post author

    Do you know if it has a custom multimedia format? This sounds like it would just use QuickTime.

  2. Reimar

    Well, I messed up the formatting of the UMV wiki page (I think I’ll never be able to make a wiki page look readable).
    Anyway, the muxing/audio format seems mostly clear, for the video it would be helpful to know what it looks like. What I have seen looks like it is a 256-color paletted format at a 160×120 resolution, but I can’t know for sure.

  3. Sanguine

    Mike: Thanks for making this post!
    If possible can you ensure that Reimar sees this comment?

    Hey Reimar,
    I just noticed that you had a look at the format
    seriously, many thanks :D

    You were requesting to see the video, Ive made a dosbox video of one of the in game videos which uses the dosbox capture format (zmbv codec), and that can be downloaded here
    the actual video format in question starts at 0:20

    if you have any problems with that format then I managed to get the video uploaded to my blog too, but its very small :(

    for convenience I actually uploaded the original umv video file which I believe corresponds to that video, it might help



  4. Reimar

    I don’t think I’ll do much more work on UMV, I am looking at container formats, re-ing codecs are not that much my area.
    I can play the dosbox video though 70 fps causes some vsync issues with a 60 fps screen.

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