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Meet fusepak

January 16th, 2006 by Multimedia Mike

I am pleased to learn that I may not have to go through the bother of implementing fusegraf after all. There is already a program called fusepak which mounts several different GRAFs onto the filesystem using fuse. Further, the author, Janusz Dziemidowicz, has expressed interest in implementing a BMS parser to allow an impressive amount of extensibility for fusepak. This part of the project is being written in (what I understand to be) an object-oriented, functional programming language: OCaml. If you have ever heard of this language, maybe you will wish to investigate this project as an academic matter. For my part, I’m looking forward to the finished product.

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  1. Guillaume Poirier Says:

    FWIW, MLdonkey ( ) is one of the few projects which use OCaml as a programming language.
    I’ve used Caml (the non-object oriented version of OCaml) during my studies, and I was quite amazed by the beauty of the code I was able to write with that language.
    However, as an interpreted laguage (at least, Caml is), it was quite unusable for big projects.