Macrovision RipGuard

IMDb Studio Briefing sends us this lead today:

New Copy-Protection Software To Be Unveiled

Alleged to prevent 97% of all copying software available. Their website has a press release dated November 11, 2004. Details are, predictably, a little thin. The press release acknowledges that the ease of ripping raw sectors from a DVD, decrypting them, and re-burning or re-compressing them. This technology purports to frustrate that process somehow:

Extensive tests showed that RipGuard affects the success of the most commonly-used ripping software products in the market. It has been effective in either completely obstructing the software or slowing it down to the point of futility. RipGuard applies a Unique Digital Framework for each title to ensure that this effectiveness lasts over time.

…whatever that means. Watch for it, nonetheless.