Java Deobfuscation In Use; Eclipse For Refactoring

Believe it or not, other people actually are using my Java de-obfuscation via RetroGuard solution. Further, they are finding a lot of problems with my basic solution and have contributed a number of patches to make the program stronger. I hope to incorporate the patches in the next few days and also maybe figure out how to release an actual .jar file so that using the program will be simpler.

On a Java-related topic, there is the Eclipse project. I am not especially familiar with it but apparently it is supposed to be God’s gift to software engineering. The reason I bring it up is that one of the Java de-obfuscator contributors passed along that Eclipse can help refactor Java code (automatically searching for and replacing identifier names throughout an entire project). The catch, it seems, is that the source code needs to be compilable. The de-obfuscator did not always meet that requirement which is why this particular individual needed the program fixed.

Anyway, I just thought I would mention it since I have not seen a tool that can do this. The refactoring support would be useful for reverse engineering/de-obfuscation work.