HD-DVDs Delayed

It came across on the IMDb Studio Briefing today that Warner Bros., who had planned to first out the gate with HD-DVD movie titles on March 28, won’t be: Warner Home Video Delays High-Def Releases. The brief article doesn’t indicate when Warner Bros. intends to go ahead with the releases. Thus, for those of you ordering your new HD-DVD-capable Toshiba Qosmio laptop (when Toshiba slaps a model number on it and announces shipment), you have a little more time to make sure Linux runs on it before you try reading a next-generation optical disc.

What are the launch titles supposed to be? According to Wikipedia’s entry on the matter (is there anything the grand oracle Wikipedia can not tell?), Batman Begins is one of the handful of titles slated. Figures. I just got that on DVD a month ago. Now I will have to re-buy it on HD-DVD.

About that Qosmio laptop, Linux on Laptops’ Toshiba page lists entries for models E15, G10, and G20. The 2 Qosmio models available at ToshibaDirect.com are the G25 and G35. The specs of the G35 sound similar to what’s on offer with the new, HD-DVD-equipped, model-number-not-yet-announced Qosmio.