GSoC Evaluation Tasks

If a student wanted to make the FFmpeg cut for the 2007 Google Summer of Code, they were required to complete a qualification task. They could select these tasks from a preset list on our GSoC Wiki page, or they could submit their own idea for approval. In completing a task, the student demonstrated that they:

  • were willing to commit some time over the 3-week app review period to prove themselves
  • could code C satisfactorily and with the same general style expected of the FFmpeg codebase
  • could wrap their head around the code base
  • could interact with the FFmpeg development mailing list
  • could accept feedback and revise the code until it was suitable for inclusion in the main code base

We got some good labor out of the qualifying students. Here are some of the things that FFmpeg can now do, thanks to the GSoC qualification tasks:

  • THP playback subsystem
  • Bethsoft VID playback subsystem
  • C93 playback subsystem
  • TIFF encoder, with LZW support
  • support for Theora in Matroska
  • SGI image subsystem ported to latest API
  • Targa encoder (thanks to Ben for the reminder)

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