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GSoC 2008 Students

April 21st, 2008 by Multimedia Mike

Google has announced which students have earned slots for the 2008 Summer of Code. As with previous years, I don’t know whether to congratulate or console the constituents of this collection:

  • Alexander Strange: Generic frame-level multithreading support for FFmpeg
  • Bartlomiej Wolowiec: Nellymoser Encoder
  • Jai Menon: ALAC Encoder
  • Keiji Costantini: LGPL reimplementation of GPL sws_scale parts
  • Kostya: AAC-LC Encoder
  • Ramiro Polla: MLP/TrueHD encoder
  • Sascha Sommer: WMA Pro Decoder
  • Sisir Koppaka: VP3/Theora Encoder
  • Zhentan Feng: MXF Muxer

Feast your eyes on those ambitious projects. It’s going to be quite a summer.

A hearty “thanks” and “good luck to you too” go out to the registered FFmpeg mentoring crew, including Andreas Setterlind, Andreas Öman, Aurélien Jacobs, Baptiste Coudurier, Benjamin Larsson, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, Justin Ruggles, Kristian Jerpetjoen, Luca Barbato, Reimar Döffinger, and Robert Swain (2006 GSoC Alumnus). And as always, there’s the unofficial über-mentor, Michael Niedermayer, who also has the final say in whether a project’s code is ready for inclusion into the tree.

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