GameCube Multimedia Review

Poking around on a number of Nintendo GameCube games, I have found a pretty consistent mix of FMV formats. In due time, these will need to be entered into the MultimediaWiki:

  • THP files seem to be the most prevalent
  • H4M files have the markings of a hierarchical vector quantizer (like the letters ‘HVQ’); HVQ is also used in Sorenson Video 1 and LucasArts video
  • Electronic Arts games have a VID format which has similar markings as a number of their other evolved game multimedia formats
  • One game has 11,500+ Ogg Vorbis files; some of them appear to correspond via base filename to files with the extension .cib; I tend to think that these are corresponding video files
  • Sofdec files, as commonly seen on Sega Dreamcast games
  • DSP files, often paired as L and R files for stereo effect
  • occasional BIK files

Plus, there are a number of other audio files, probably encoded with a custom ADPCM format common on GameCube games.

3 thoughts on “GameCube Multimedia Review

  1. snacky

    Maybe you’d like some totally random, unsourced tidbits:

    Factor 5’s Rogue Leader III uses mpeg-4 ASP video.

    Silicon Knights’ Eternal Darkness uses an apparently RGB-based codec developed especially for that game.

  2. snacky

    No idea, I got this info from Factor 5’s statements to the press. I never looked at a disc image.

    Also, my statement about Eternal Darkness is based on the company’s interviews with the press. Speculation that it’s an RGB codec comes from the way a few videos are re-used with e.g. all red color changed to green.

    So, I’m not quite making all this up, but…

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