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When I started mounting GameCube disc images with my gcfuse utility, perhaps the strangest thing I found (apart from 11,500+ Ogg Vorbis files on one title) was intact CVS directory structures on a number of discs. Of course, CVS directories don’t give away much interesting detail; it’s not like there’s leaked source code living inside. Perhaps the most interesting thing is comparing the CVSROOT strings to information found in the MobyGames database. So, Yasunari Soejima, Hiroki Sotoike, and Fumihisa Sato: I just wanted to helpfully point out that you neglected to delete the CVS directories before creating the final disc images for certain GameCube games.

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  1. randomman

    when u say “disc images on ur computer”, are u saying that u can rip the 3d files from a 3d game in a style similar to reverse engineering? how! arent gamecube discs encrypted? i mean, i know that there is this guy who ripped the 3d files from legend of zelda twilight princess and put the files on the internet for download, but i wanna know how. if u use a special softwares or something, plz reply and tell me waht.
    please email me or something. my email is

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