Feeble Files DXA And Wiki Upgrade

Kirben from ScummVM tipped me off on the DXA format. Apparently, it was only ever used in one game called Feeble Files. He reports that the Amiga and Macintosh ports used the DXA format. I was unaware that there were any commercial games for the Amiga past about 1995. Here is the requisite Wiki page on the format. It’s one of the simplest formats yet. It’s unusual in that it stores all of the audio data in a single WAV file chunk near the start. The known video coding format simply uses zlib’s deflate() function to compress a raw frame or the result of a XOR operation between the current and previous frames.

Speaking of the Wiki, I have upgraded the MultimediaWiki to the latest, and therefore greatest, incarnation of MediaWiki — 1.6.3. I don’t see too many major differences so far. There are supposed to be some useful counter-spam features which seems to be increasingly important. I still can’t generate math expressions in Wiki. I’ve traced this to the absence of LaTeX processing utilities on the host machine. Why does LaTeX always have to cause such trouble? We’re stuck with plaintext math expressions until I can get around this problem somehow.

3 thoughts on “Feeble Files DXA And Wiki Upgrade

  1. Andux

    I’ll take nice, easy-to-understand plaintext/pseudocode over arcane mathematical notation any day. Sigma notation makes my head explode.

  2. Anonymous

    On the bright side, the textboxes in the Login screen have a pretty box around them. Pleasure!

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