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Famous Photo

August 25th, 2007 by Multimedia Mike

I was catching up on recent articles when I noticed a familiar photo on their front page:

Gobots vs. Transformers

The right half of this picture looks awfully familiar. I looked back in the archives, and sure enough:

Gobots batch #1, robot form
Click for larger image

Eh, it doesn’t bother me. If a site is going to rip off one of my photos, I guess I prefer that it be one of my favorite sites. So it’s all good. They also cleaned up the photo nicely; no shadows or anything. I imagine they found it since that picture is one of the top Google image search hits for “gobots”. And at least they didn’t hotlink the photo, as many sites (and particularly forum posters) are wont to do. Chalk it up to my mad metadata skillz, which simply entails clearly titling image files and giving them proper ALT text.

It’s weird to think that that might be the most famous photo I will ever take.

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2 Responses

  1. Benj Edwards Says:

    Hey; it happens to the best of us. Consider it “contributing to the collective knowledge of all mankind.”

  2. Multimedia Mike Says:

    Indeed. And for my part, I’m such a bad photographer that I’m flattered that anyone would even want to use one of my photos in the first place. :-)