Apple Screen Codec

In reading Ars Technica’s lengthy, thorough review of Apple’s new Snow Leopard, I noticed the addition of screen recording to QuickTime. The screenshots indicate that it is configurable for “medium” and “high” quality. Naturally, I bring this up because I wonder what format the video is saved in. QuickTime’s extensive suite of default video codecs does not include a lossless, screen video-oriented codec (per my recollection). And since the feature is out there, people are going to expect FFmpeg and all of its descendant apps to be able to transcode it.

5 thoughts on “Apple Screen Codec

  1. Reimar

    Wow, QuickTime’s already horrible H.264 encoder used for something it wasn’t really designed for. I really wonder if that’s going to give any results you actually want to use…

  2. Micheal J.

    As a followup: It works well enough but it’s obvious it’s not the best codec for the job – on scrolling on a page of text it’s smooth, very readable but it’s easy to pick out the almost halo like appearance around the text. That’s on top of the H.264 playing back brighter in QuickTime Player by default fun.

    Oddly enough the file would not play in VLC.

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