3DO Special

At long last, I have finally gathered up all my 3DO titles accumulated over the years and studied them with the help of the Opera filesystem Linux module. Thus marks the triumphant return of my inexplicably popular Multimedia Exploration Journal.

3DO Console

I have been curious about 3DO multimedia for a long time, ever since someone sent me some FILM files that he had found on the 3DO version of Lemmings using a custom tool to read the disc. Early CD-ROM-based consoles rarely had standard FMV API so the developers had to explore the emerging field on their own.

During this investigation, I found a number of the titles were published by Electronic Arts. A number of them used AIFF files for audio and a custom container format for what appears to be Cinepak data.

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  1. Multimedia Mike Post author

    Yeah– ‘cp’. After you mount the disc as part of the regular Linux filesystem, you can simply copy files as normal.

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