3DO Opera Filesystem Driver

Serge van den Boom informs me that he has written a Linux filesystem driver for the Opera filesystem. This is the filesystem that was used for CD-ROMs that played in the 3DO video game console.

Panasonic 3DO Console

I am so very jealous. I have wanted to write the filesystem driver for as long as I have been investigating old multimedia. No matter; the important thing is that the work is done. Now I have a backlog of at least 9 3DO games that I need to investigate. I am most curious to know if the 3DO port of Wing Commander III used the same custom FMV format and video codec as its PC counterpart.

3 thoughts on “3DO Opera Filesystem Driver

  1. AD

    Ever have any success with the Wing Commander 3 3DO footage? I’ve been forever trying to find a way to play it outside the game, bit more really the wc3 PSX version which houses all the movies in a *.lib file. Both the PSX version and 3do version have better quality video compression than the PC version. I managed to use a program called unCDROM on a 3do sampler disk that contains the wc3 3DO demo. It seems that the video files are all separate (for the demo at least) but I have no idea if this is also true for the full 3DO version. And they have a *.mov extension, though I have no Idea how to play the files as I don’t know the exact codec or compression used. It seems unlikely though that it uses the Xan codec.

    You can get the Sampler ISO here : http://download.wcnews.com/files/wing3/WC33DODemo.zip

    Please let me know If you figure anything out.

    Thanks, AD

  2. Multimedia Mike Post author

    I have been meaning to get back to studying all of my 3DO games and searching for weird and wacky new FMV formats. Hopefully soon. Stay tuned…

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