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Lego Mindstorms RSO Format

July 13th, 2010 by Multimedia Mike

I recently read a magazine article about Lego Mindstorms. Naturally, the item that caught my eye was the mention of a bit of Lego software that converts various audio file formats to a custom format called RSO that can be downloaded into a Mindstorms project to make the creation output audio. To read different sources, one might be left with the impression that there is something super-duper top secret proprietary about the format. Such impressions do not hold up under casual analysis of a sample file.

A Google search for “filetype:rso” yielded a few pre-made samples that I have mirrored into the samples archive. The format appears to be an 8-byte header followed by unsigned, 8-bit PCM. More on the wiki. If FFmpeg could gain an RSO file muxer, that would presumably be a heroic feat to the Lego hacking community.

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