Multimedia Exploration Journal: October 24, 2002

I just traded in the 4 unwanted games for 4 more, and purchased yet another. All 5 are Sega CD games. Here's the cursory info:

1: Jurassic Park (MobyGames entry)

Box copy mentions Cinepak for Sega and QSound. Disc contains many, many .MVD files that have an early FILM header. They also have extra info at the end of the STAB chunk.

[Link: MVD samples from Jurassic Park]

2: Power Factory Featuring C + C Music Factory

Another "Make My Video" style game, only by Sony (didn't realize C + C Music Factory was a Sony act). Lots of .SGA files.

[Link: SGA sample files]

3: The Masked Rider: Kamen Rider ZO

A trusty Sega TruVideo Production. All of the video files are .bin files with no discernible header. This game might be a keeper because some of the program files may be useful.

4: Mad Dog McCree (MobyGames entry)

I wanted to be able to compare and contrast this with the PC version. It has a few .BIN files and then one 136MB maddog.lib file. The format of the big file is definitely different than the PC version, and I might be able to take this format apart. No idea whether this uses IBM PhotoMotion or the Cinepak for Sega format specially tuned for Sega CD system. I figure if PhotoMotion can run on a 16 MHz 286, 12.5 MHz 68K doesn't sound like too much of a stretch.

5: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Just a horribly scratched-up CD-ROM with no box. But it is by Sony ImageSoft and has tons of .BFC files. I saw markers such as 'PALL', 'FRME', and 'FEND'. Lots of well-organized program files, too.

[Link: BFC files from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein]

by Mike Melanson (mike at

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