gcfuse: Mount GameCube Filesystems

Nintendo GameCube


What Is This?

From the README:
gcfuse is a program that allows you to mount a Nintendo GameCube DVD
disk image as a read-only part of the Linux filesystem. This allows the
user to browse the directory structure and read the files within.
Further, gcfuse provides access to the main program .dol and also
creates a special file called .metadata in the root directory of
the mounted filesystem.

gcfuse accomplishes all this using Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE),
available at:


Note that there are likely to be bugs and perhaps even security
problems. It is currently meant as primarily an experimental research
tool for studying GameCube discs.

        - Linux 2.4.x or 2.6.x (as of 2.6.14 FUSE is part of the
          kernel, but you still need user libraries)
        - FUSE (http://fuse.sourceforge.net) 2.5.x or higher

        ./configure && make

        make install

        gcfuse <image_file.gcm> <mount_point>

        To unmount previously mounted file, use:
        fusermount -u <mount_point>

Further Reading

From the author's blog:


* copy whole title into .metadata (only 32 characters made it before)
* make main .DOL executable available to browse in the root directory

* initial release

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